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Melissa McKinnon is a Contemporary Canadian Landscape Artist living and painting in Calgary, AB.

Happy New Year From Hot, Hot, Hot Chile, South America!

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To all of my friends, family and collectors of my paintings, I wish you and your family a very Happy 2014  New Year!!!

Thank you all for your love and ongoing support. 2013 was a spectacular year both personally and professionally. It is because of all of you that I am able to live my dream as an artist each and every day. I am forever grateful to you!

Luxury Pool Surrounded By Palm Trees, Swimming Pool, Palm Trees, Oasis, Resort pool, Chile, South America, artist in Chile, International artist, travel

Our back yard oasis in Rancagua, Chile.

This year my family and I are grateful to be spending the holidays in Chile, South America for 6 glorious weeks. My Mother-in-law lives here along with my husbands huge extended family. We try to visit Chile every two years and every time we come I am always overwhelmed with how warm, loving and welcoming everybody is to us. I love how culture and traditions can be so different but the love of family is the same wherever you are in the world.

Our trip this year was incredibly special for me as my Mom was able to join us for the first time. This trip to Chile is her first time overseas since she immigrated to Canada when she was a little girl. It’s the best Christmas gift that I could ever ask for! I will never forget the memories that we are making here.

Contemporary Artist in Chile, artista en Chile.

This is only a small part of our family in Chile. Here we are celebrating on Christmas Day.

As a Canadian, no matter how many times we visit, it still feels weird to be celebrating Christmas in 36 degree heat surrounded by palm trees!

Girls dancing, christmas tree, palm tree, chile, contemporary artist in Chile , south america, artista Chilena.

Christmas In Chile!

But you can’t beat this:

Little Girl Floating In Pool, Artist in Chile South America, atista contemporeano en Chile.

Isa, livin’ the good life and soaking up the sun in the backyard pool.

I wish you and your family a creative and prosperous new year full of love and passion for life!


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To see more of my paintings available for purchase, please visit my PAINTING GALLERY.

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Author: Melissa Mckinnon Artist

I am a Canadian contemporary landscape artist. I love to paint large scale acrylic paintings with vibrant color and thick texture. To see my work, visit my website and blog at:

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