Melissa McKinnon: Artist

Melissa McKinnon is a Contemporary Canadian Landscape Artist living and painting in Calgary, AB.

Work In Progress – Newest Aspen / Birch Tree Painting from Calgary Artist Melissa McKinnon


Today I tried something new – getting up at 6am to paint! Usually I am a stay-up-all-night-painting type of girl, so this is a BIG change for me.

Here is a ‘work in progress’ photo of the newest painting in my Aspen /Birch Tree series. It is a horizontal variation similar to “Tonight I Dream In Color”. It is the perfect size for over a fire place, couch, or bed.

The tree trunks are almost finished and soon I will add the last several layers of leaves to add contrast to the bottom half of the painting.

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Author: Melissa Mckinnon Artist

I am a Canadian contemporary landscape artist. I love to paint large scale acrylic paintings with vibrant color and thick texture. To see my work, visit my website and blog at:

2 thoughts on “Work In Progress – Newest Aspen / Birch Tree Painting from Calgary Artist Melissa McKinnon

  1. Your work is something else! Just gorgeous!

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