Melissa McKinnon: Artist

Melissa McKinnon is a Contemporary Canadian Landscape Artist living and painting in Calgary, AB.

One Of My Biggest Fans

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My little girl admiring my big birch tree painting titled, "Tonight I Dream In Color"

My little girl admiring my big birch tree painting titled, “Tonight I Dream In Color”

Meet Valentina, my one year old daughter. She is a sweet, chubby, little firecracker, full of emotion.

This is her favorite painting. Every time she walks by it, she says, “Wow, Mommy painting!”. As a Mother and an artist, I couldn’t ask for more validation than that.

To meet her big sister Isabella and see how her crazy outfits help to inspire the colors I choose for my paintings, see this post.

All things in this world must be seen with youthful, hopeful eyes. 
– Henry David Thoreau

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Author: Melissa Mckinnon Artist

I am a Canadian contemporary landscape artist. I love to paint large scale acrylic paintings with vibrant color and thick texture. To see my work, visit my website and blog at:

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